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Salek Retail Services

Salek will provide you different solutions like Salek Passengers cars, Salek Taxi, Salek Eve, Furniture Cars and Salek Winches whenever and wherever you want.

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Salek Cargo Services

Road Cargo

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of everything from letters to cargo containers.


Salek, A Dream Come True:

A user-friendly mobile application and a web page that helps you to pick up a ride with a competitive pricing plan, based on the power of diversification, empowering the users, and reshaping the industry of transportation in Egypt by delivering a new concept which gives a professional performance with advanced tools.

Our Vision

To be the market leader in reshaping the transportation and cargo solution industry domestically and regionally.

Our Mission

To deliver a high quality of efficient technology and solutions to our customers and service-providers, by establishing Salek Training Academy for Navigation and Technology we aim to change the culture of driving, great customer service and safe trips for the most competitive price plan.


The goal of establishing a solid national service provider has become more vital for the survive of Egyptians among a dynamic world around us with evolved and challenging circumstances. Our key objective is to stimulate private enterprise by helping to create a sustainable world-class transportation and cargo provider to represent the key economic building blocks in a developing society. This has led us to seek partnerships with other patriot stakeholders with the shared vision in order to mobilize the best possible resources and skills and to deliver them in the most timely and efficient manner.

Our Values

Salek will be equipped by a diversity of services that suits both household sector and business sector in Egypt to enhance the domestic contribution to the ride hailing industry aligned with the national vision of maintaining the world class services by the hands and mind of Egyptians.

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Salek is a full pledged transportation and cargo solutions that gives our valued customers different clear options. All you want is easy as just one Sign Up tap!


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